So.... you're going on vacation and none of your friends can take care of your canine family member. You can't imagine putting him in a kennel (gulp, not a CAGE!) so do you cancel your plans! No, you call us! We provide home life for dogs like yours who don't think they're dogs at all. They live with us, sleep in our bedroom at night and have a wonderful time playing together during the day. This is a great opportunity to give your dog valuable socialization experience.... which many dogs don't get enough of. We provide completely individualized care and attention, and really love what we do.










We are often asked "How can you have 10 to 30 dogs in your home and not have fights?" Simply - we carefully evaluate all our boarders before their first visit to be sure they're right to join our family - and we do not accept those with even the slightest "aggression issues." We accept only those dogs with the right temperament and attitude. Labradors and Golden Retrievers do particularly well here and are the ones who start 4-way tug-of-war games regularly. Since we are the alphas (the rulers) and immediately stop an dog from posturing or trying to be "the boss", we don't have fighting. We introduce our dogs carefully and slowly and notice right away who wants to be friendly and who would rather be in the house with us instead of playing in the group. Often, however, we find that shy dogs turn out to have the most fun playing in the group! Our ideal boarders have a mellow attitude, can take direction and bond to us after only a few days here. Inappropriate dogs would be those with aggressive tendencies, extremely shy or one-person dogs.







* We are a small, family-run business and we can give one-on-one, 24-hour quality care and love to your best friend.


* Your dog gets to play with other friendly, sociable dogs for most of the day at no extra charge to you



* To keep your dog unstressed, we have a radio or television going during periods when we are not involved with him directly. We have misting machines going any time the weather is hot enough to be at all uncomfortable for our dogs. We also have wading pools for those dogs who just don't want to be away from the water!





* We have an agility course in the main yard and your dog will be taught by our "regulars" about how to run through tunnels, go through dog doors and up ramps. We also have a 4-acre, completely fenced field where the dogs are taken to run regularly.










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