Wash-N-WatchDogs Rates

* In-Home Boarding: Local rates - $24.00 - $28.00 per day (depending on size) for the first week of the first visit, then, if your dog gets his "good dog discount," $19.00 - $23.00 per day for the rest of the visit and all visits thereafter. A 10% discount will be given for visits of one month or more. A multi-dog discount may be offered as well. For Telluride festivals where we'll be full and dogs will generally be coming for one-time-visits, therefore requiring more of our time to acclimatize, our rate is $35.00 per day.  For those vacationing in Telluride the same issues will apply; the rate is $35 and up per day. Holidays and Telluride spring break (in April) are our busiest times and all our Telluride clients tend to leave at once.... this means that we have additional help and are busy 24/7! At those times we charge $35 per dog and usually cannot give multi-dog discounts.... but feel free to ask - it never hurts and may work out for you and your dogs!

* Luxury Package (Honorary Bracco Italiano): $25.00 -$45.00 (depending on size) per day for those dogs who qualify. These well-behaved, quiet dogs will be allowed in our living room, with us, during the day. They may come with us to do chores, go for rides, sleep with the boys on the bed, etc. Ideal for the dog who isn't happy being "part of the pack," but would rather be with people most of the time. 

* Please note that during vacation weeks, holiday weeks and special Telluride event times, when we are always fully booked, a 50% non-refundable deposit will be required, and a minimum stay may also be required, depending on space availability.*  Please also note that additional daily charges will apply, at our discretion, for the following: Giant breeds or dogs that drool excessively (Newfies, St. Bernards, etc.) - Old or infirm dogs which require special care and attention- Young and/or untrained dogs, again requiring more attention- Dogs which do damage in our house (i.e., chewing, etc.)

* Pickup and Delivery in the Telluride area - $10 per pickup or delivery for the first dog; $5 for each additional dog. Monday, Wednesday and Friday by appointment. Special pickups may be arranged for an additional fee.

Grooming/bathing - for dogs who stay with us

* Baths - include nails trimmed, anal glands expressed, ears cleaned/plucked (if necessary), paws, ears and anal area trimmed. Rates depend on length and condition of coat, amount of shedding and owner maintenance, and dog's behavior.

Small dogs -  $30.00 and up -  Medium dogs - $45.00 and up -  Large dogs - $60.00 and up -  Giant Breeds - $70.00 and up

* Grooming - includes clipper and/or scissor cutting, patterning and shaping according to your dog's breed, and all services including in bathing, above. Rates, again, depend on conditions listed above. Small dogs - $45.00 and up - Medium dogs - $55.00 and up - Large dogs - $65.00 and up - Giant breeds - $75.00 and up

* Obedience and Behavior Training * Private Lessons in your home - $55.00 per hour - Aggression modification - $75.00 per hour - Basic "good behavior" work - included in our daily boarding fee - Primary lessons in our home while your dog is boarding (Individual work) $50.00 per day/$350.00 per week

* Hours, etc. Our business hours are from 9 am to 6 pm, Monday through Sunday, by appointment. We ask that you call at least an hour before your arrival so that we can expect you, and that you arrive within the period of time we've agreed upon (for example, between 1:00 - 2:00 pm) If you call and wish to come earlier or later than our regular hours, we'll try our best to accomodate you, but will charge an additional $25.00 and up.Be aware that we, and all our dogs, are waiting for you, and an early or late pickup gets everyone very excited!!

If your plans change and you're not coming, please call to let us know.

Please note: If you must cancel, please do so at least 48 hours before your dog's stay. If you do not, you'll be responsible for a $50.00 charge. During peak times, if you don't cancel within 2 weeks of his stay, you will be charged for his entire visit (except for reasons of illness or emergency) - since we will not be able to fill his spot given such short notice.

Payment Methods

We accept personal checks, travellers' checks and cash.


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