Rules of the Game

* Vaccines: We require up-to-date vaccines , including DHLP-CPV and Rabies (regularly as suggested by your vet) and Bordatella (kennel cough) within the past 11 months. The Bordatella vaccine will protect your dog against many strains of kennel cough, which is much like the human common cold, highly infectious and capable of causing long-term damage. Even with the vaccine, there is still no guarantee that your dog will not get kennel cough when part of a group of dogs, as in any kennel situation. We, of course, don't accept any dog which shows any sign of illness.

* Giardia: Since Giardia is a major parasite in the mountain regions, we want all owners to be aware of this problem, which shows itself in times of stress (negative or positive) or excitement with vomiting, diarrhea and/or inappetance. Giardia is carried by beaver and elk, and is distributed through their fecal material. When snow melts, the giardia is carried into wet areas, particularly standing water and is picked up by the dog when he drinks or licks his paws, etc. Although we strive to keep our exercise area immaculate, dogs can also pick up giardia through contact with other dogs' feces, both here and at their own homes or walking areas. We often hear of giardia outbreaks when dogs go home (positive stress.) Once the dog gets giardia in his system, it is thought to be in his system for life, but different dogs are affected in different ways. Some dogs only have an outbreak once a year - others, several times a year, others never again. The effects of the parasite can be reduced by use of the medications Panacure and Tylan, available from your vet, and if your dog has regular giardia problems, we can medicate him before he goes home.

* Grooming - Your dog should be clean and well-brushed. If your dog is shedding or dirty, and grooming is needed in order to keep our house and your dog clean, we'll be glad to do that the day he arrives. We're also happy to groom him before he goes home, upon request (See "Rates".)

* Spaying/Neutering required - So that we have no arguments or increased stress in the group, we require that all of our boarders be spayed or neutered. A spayed/neutered dog is much more relaxed and non-aggressive. Of course, if your puppy is too young for neutering, this is not a requirement. Very rarely, we'll accept a non-neutered/spayed dog if he or she is non-posturing and non-aggressive.

* House Training: All boarding dogs must be fully housetrained (for obvious reasons!) except for puppies in training.

* Flea and Tick Control - we check each dog for these parasites when he arrives. If we find any sign of fleas, we will give your dog a thorough flea/tick treatment (see "Rates.")

Things to Bring or have ready if we are picking up: Please arrive with your dog on leash so that we can introduce him to the group safely - but we won't need to keep it.

* Clean bed- if your dog needs a "security blanket": We have dog beds carpeting our entire house, but if your dog needs one, we appreciate it if it is washed before he comes to stay.

* Bring his own food, food bowl, (no water bowl) treats and chewies: this takes care of any potential stomach upsets. We don't have space for food bins or 40# bags, so please measure out how many days we'll have him times how many cups per day your dog eats. No need to divide in individual portions. Please bring food in non-perfumed trash or shopping bags (double bagging appreciated! ) and bring a few days more than he needs for his visit, in case your plans change and you're away longer than you planned. Please bring the brand and type of food that he always eats, not a new flavor or brand. This eliminates diarrhea problems. Also feel free to bring any "extras" that he enjoys in his food (canned food, bones, rawhide) or that we can give him by himself. If you do not bring enough food and we need to get more or use our own, a charge will appear on your bill.

* Please label all of your dog's personal items, with his first and last name. Masking tape works well for us.

* No toys needed - we have many, and your dog won't have to defend his own stuff.

Additional charges:

We reserve the right to charge additionally for the following reasons:

Not enough food for stay

If dog is a drooler, or messy for other reasons, requiring additional work on our part

If he destroys items in our home

If we medicate him for diarrhea problems

If he has an argument with another dog, causing him to need him or the other dog to need veterinary care

Business hours:Our business hours are from 9 am to 6 pm, Monday through Sunday, by appointment. We ask that you call at least an hour before your arrival so that we can expect you, and that you arrive within the period of time we've agreed upon (for example, between 1:00 - 2:00 pm)   If you call and wish to come earlier or later than our regular hours, we'll try our best to accomodate you, but will charge an additional $25.00.  Be aware that we,and all our dogs,are waiting for you, and an early or late pickup gets everyone very excited!!

When you arrive at our house, for obvious reasons, please do not ring the doorbell! Just call us on your cellphone.

If your plans change and you're not coming, please call to let us know.

The state of Colorado requires us to include this statement: In the event of a dog's death while in our care, we will contact the owner in order to arrange body care.

Please note: If you must cancel, please do so at least 48 hours before your dog's stay. If you do not, a $50.00 charge will be applied to your account. During peak times, if you don't cancel within 2 weeks of his stay, you will be charged for his entire visit (except for reasons of illness or emergency) - since we will not be able to fill his spot given such short notice.

I have read and understand the rules of Wash-n-WatchDogs